※Important Information※

The errors in VRM output from earlier versions (UniVRM 0.41 and before) have been fixed since v0.42. However, this fix comes along with the following impact:

  • The exported VRM data in v0.42 or later cannot be imported correctly in the earlier versions

When exporting VRM data using UniVRM, please check which version you use to make VRM model. If you are using UniVRM to import VRM data, please update UniVRM to the latest version as soon as you can.

BlendShape Object Bug Fix:

In v0.42, BlendShape.Clips will not be saved if you try to save clips in the following order:

  • Import VRM

  • Close Unity (BlendShape.Clips are not saved in the disk)

  • Start Unity

  • BlendShapeProxy.Clips in model_name.BlendShapes / BlendShape are empty


↑ Empty status


↑ Valid status

This issue has been fixed in v0.43.

How to restore empty BlendShape resulted by v0.42:

Either way described below can restore BlendShape clips once UniVRM is updated to v0.43.

  1. Right click VRM file and select Reimport.


  1. Add restore option in menu for empty Blendshape clips (v0.42):


↑ Click the gear icon on the top and select Restore. The BlendShape clips set before will be back (the BlendShape clips in the same folder).

Other Fixes:

  • Normal map conversion fix at runtime loading: https://github.com/ousttrue/UniGLTF/issues/21

  • Added the argument: VRMSpringBone.Setup(force)https://github.com/dwango/UniVRM/commit/b99e7cb9a47de77280eece57d6ed5e7718e848db