※Important Information※

Major Updates:

  • [Exporter] Corrected exported normal map (for DXT5)

  • [Exporter] Fixed bugs that material parameters were gone when exporting VRM at runtime (for ShaderProperty that cannot be enumerated)

  • [BlendShape] Fixed bugs that the list was missing when BlendShapeClip was deleted

  • [BlendShape] Manipulation of UV value of Material Animation

  • [BLendShape] Added a function to move horizontally with MainTex_ST_S / move vertically with Matex_ST_T

  • [BLendShape] When adding new BlendShapeClip, the file name can be put into BlendShapeName

  • [SpringBoneColliderGroup] Enhanced NullCheck

Editor Updates:

  • [Editor] Added version# in VRM menu

  • [Editor] Added git hash to unitypackage file name

  • [Editor] Added UnitTest

API Updates:

  • [Importer] Added the argument: show. Now you can choose to undisplay VRM model when VrmImporter.LoadVrmAsync is ended

  • [Importer] Extended code that relies on unpacking textures in the same path as glb

  • [Importer] Change Task's version check from UNITY_2018_1_OR_NEWER to UNITY_2017_1_OR_NEWER

  • [Exporter] Organized interface

GameObject m_model;
string path;
var vrm = VRMExporter.Export(m_model);
var bytes = vrm.ToGlbBytes();
File.WriteAllBytes(path, bytes);
  • [UniGLTF] Changed the implementation method of extension from inheritance to partial class

  • Added [BlendShapeProxy]public void SetValues(IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<BlendShapeKey, float>> values)

  • Renamed UniTask => DepthFirstScheduler