Major fixes:

  • (Exporter) Capable of collecting VRMSpringBone other than secondary (since VRMSpringBone's attached position is not recorded, all of VRMSpringBones will be attached to secondary during the import)

  • (Importer) Added the callback "OnError" to LoadVRMAsync

  • (UniGLTF) Fixed bugs in the rename code when there are meshes with same names

  • (UniGLTF) Allows exported VRM contains non-Texture2D Texture

  • (Exporter) Fixed bugs where skeleton root was set and then mesh position became incorrect if SkinnedMesh without bone weight was not set in RootBone

  • (UniGLTF) Added Serializable to glTF_VRM_Material

  • (Importer) Added the symbol "VRM_STOP_ASSETPOSTPROCESSOR" to stop AssetPostProcessor

  • (Editor) Fixed OSX compilation errors

  • (UniGLTF) Fixed bugs that all textures became the same when putting vrm directly under Assets

We released v0.40 as the version of bugs corrections in v0.39

  • Importing Texture fails if VRM file is put directly under the Assets folder. There is a bug in parsing path. v0.39 package was in the erroneous state described above before the following commit:

  • ousttrue/UniGLTF@1d41ff0